Power and Sailing - Boat Building in Thailand

Sail boat - Maya Beach 18'

A classic looking sail boat, developed for a local sailing school.
Hull is built into a female mould and deck is in composite, built in.
Rig: mast built out of cedar/epoxy/biaxial.
Sailing fast and floating high even with 3 persons aboard.
Fast tacks and downwind.
~200 kg of weight, including rig.
Centerboard in a sealed trunk.
Teak-holly deck.
Gel coat non skid available too.

Sailing boat project

Sailing boat buiding phases

Raoul cogitatioAn 18 feet that has been designed to serve as dinghy-small vessel aboard a large size house boat. After a few test the excellent quality convinced us to make the moulds and start a small production.

Very fast sloop, dry and easy to handle even with waves and fast changes of wind. This boat is a good product for a sailing school or club regattas. Safe and still behaving properly even with 3 persons aboard.

Large buoyancy chambers guarantee  positive floating even if full of water.

Resin infusion construction and any kind of high tech construction can be performed, if there is an interest relating the realization of a new class for monotype regattas. Exported all over the world. 

Standard rig is wooden, hollow construction, but the boat can be delivered as bare hull too, to be rigged as from customer taste.

Sailing boat structure

Sailing boat in the boatyard

Sailing boat launch

Sailing boat Maya Beach