Power and Sailing - Boat Building in Thailand

Miscellaneous - Designs,
Boats Maintenance-Repairs, Special custom made Fiberglass Parts-Moulding, Interiors

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Designs - Click me to open the gallery

  • Naval Architect Albert Nazarov is designing and engineering most of our exclusive products

  • 3d renderings are commonly delivered within 2 weeks by the order

Other services 

  • stability curve

  • table of weight

  • table of offsets

  • lines plans

  • speed expectation

  • wave simulator

  • lamination schedule

  • structural calculations

  • electrical diagram and engineering

  • plumbing diagram and engineering

  • engine installation details


Boats Maintenance Repairs


Boats Maintenance - Click me to open the gallery

We commonly perform : 

  • repainting with gel coat / Awl Grip

  • antifouling

  • teak deck repairs/upgrade

  • engine works/maintenance/substitution

  • surveys

  • exhaust inspections/repairs

  • interior upgrade

  • electric installations, repairs, upgrade


Special custom made Fiberglass Parts Moulding


Special custom made Fiberglass Parts-Mould - Click me to open the gallery

  • Autocad design

  • Plug construction

  • Female moulds construction

These services are available for other boatyards, for existing projects or for new projects. 

We offer bare boats for amateur boatbuilder and we can develop any kind of kits in different stages.
All our construction plans are for sale as well, but only to amateur boatbuilder, to build a single vessel.




Interiors  - Click me to open the gallery

Being real leather, teak, satin or glossy, custom made furniture, moulded liners.
Please inquire for a large catalogue and many different choices.


RB Power & Sailing is in condition to develop any design for any kind of vessel, being power or sailing boat, pontoons or workboats, please inquire.

In case the customer had already purchased a stock plan or if the customer had developed a construction plan, RB Power & Sailing will provide a free ball park quote within few days.

In this second case the responsability of the plans is entirely of the customer and/or of the designer that provided the plans.

RB Power & Sailing can provide a Survey before the beginning of the works ; please inquire about this, if you have any possible doubt about the quality of the plans that you purchased.

In general we recommend to purchase plans only from recognised Naval Architects and avoid cheap plans that are often not properly developed, missing the structural calculations, and uncompleted. In case of doubt, again, please consult with us before purchasing the plans.

Structural Carpentry

Structural Carpentry - Click me to open the gallery