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Sailing boats, speed boats, work boats, ships, pontoons, submariners.

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  • RB power & sailing is specialized in custom made boats.

  • After many years we developed a serial production of catamarans, mostly sailing cats.

  • From the small 30', developed for the Hong Kong market, to the 36' ocean cruiser, designed by A. Lavranos, to the 42' and 45' cats, designed by A. Nazarov, for luxury cruising and charter business.

  • Recently we started the construction of a monotype 77 Ketch, to be Malta flagged.

  • A revolutionary construction technique, with a unique mast/boom design, for excellent strength and our typical affordable prices!

  • If you are looking for a small, medium or even a large project, check with us, for a "free of charge" quote and suggestions.

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Nancy - Click me to open the gallery

A nice "Pocket Cruiser".
A good solution for a day sailing, for a couple or a small family.
Nancy can be built with plywood-epoxy or in fiberglass, into a female mould.
Sandwich Coremat is our recommendation, for a light and sturdy boat.
Mast built out of cedar/epoxy/biaxial. 
Boat is rigged very conservatively, for beginner sailor or family style.
  FreeLife 16'  

FreeLife 16' - Click me to open the gallery

Fully moulded, sandwich coremat ® construction.
25 to 50 hp outboard powered.
8,000 US$, including upholstery, canopy, stern platform (2), ladder, cushioning, steering, stratified glass windshield.
High Quality fiberglass boat at a retail price.
Looking for distributors oversea.
Maya Beach 18'

Maya Beach 18' - Click me to open the gallery

A classic looking sail boat, developed for a local sailing school.
Hull is built into a female mould and deck is in composite, built in.
Rig: mast built out of cedar/epoxy/biaxial.
Sailing fast and floating high even with 3 persons aboard.
Fast tacks and downwind.
~200 kg of weight, including rig.
Centerboard in a sealed trunk.
Teak-holly deck.
Gel coat non skid available too.
Picnic 21'

Picnic 21' - Click me to open the gallery

Fiberglass, coremat sandwich construction.
Electric Motor.
Diesel 19hp Volvo powered.
Own Design and female toolings.
Proved concept, already built and deeply tested, ready for production.

Andaman Boatyard Co., Ltd. is now the exclusive owner of this project.

  Penny 26’  

Penny 26' - Click me to open the gallery

Designed by Mc Naughton.

Heavy displacement small classic yacht, cedar strip planking construction, sandwich biaxial-epoxy.

2,000 kg of lead, as 44% of the displacement.

Powered with a 9 hp Yanmar diesel.

This boat will head towards Hawaii within the end of the 2008.

More photos and details to be added in these pages.

RB 26' Open Transom - Click me to open the gallery

High tech construction, all coremat sandwich, vynilester resin.
Over 40 knts with a 200 hp.
Buoyancy is enough for even a 250 hp 4 strokes.
Ideal day cruiser, with a small storage.
Cruising with style for only 1,200,000 Thai Baht (engine not included).

  Jack Star  

Fishing Boat - Click me to open the gallery

26' LOA, starting from the classic lines of the Maine's lobsterboats, we developed a seaworthy, classic looking, vessel.
Powered with 50 hp diesel inboard for a speed around 8 knts, till 200 hp for a speed around 18-20 knts.
A "v" berth and a small but complete head are accesed by a side door, the engine is positioned sideway the helm and contribute to the excellent stability of this vessel.
When other fisherman give up, the Jack Star will take you to fishin with style and safety!
Price range from 55,000 US$ up.
  RB 28' Buccaneer

F28' Buccaneer - Click me to open the gallery

Studied for the local market, to offer in Thailand a classic 8 mt sailing boat. for family cruising , safe and comfortable. But can be a good regatta boat as well.

Molds are under construction and the production is scheduled by the 2009.

Price, including a 9 hp sail drive motor Yanmar, 2,000,000 THB... more
  Fiberglass Pontoon

Fiberglass Pontoon - Click me to open the gallery

Pontoon 30' x 3.5 mt.

Floats are built out of fiberglass, sandwich coremat.

WC, stove, WAECO fridge/freezer 12 V, fresh water tank, pressure pump, honeycomb roof. 

Can carry till 15 persons,with good comfort and a speed limited to about 8 knts.

Our pontoon can be used as party boat, diving point, mobile office, mobile restaurant, fishing vessel.

We are developing now an "expedition pontoon", size limited to 22', capable of high speed and studied for overnight and adventure trips.

  RB 31'  

RB 31' - Click me to open the gallery

Composite construction, Vynilester sandwich with PIKA or COREMAT core.
No plywood or wood reinforces, for a light and extremely sturdy construction.
Deep "V", 22 degrees, soft on waves and very confortable.
The deep V is possible only if the construction is light enough, as in this case.
Powered with a Volvo 285 hp, stern drive, dual props.
Can carry 25 passengers, top speed over 35 knots, 30 knots fully loaded.
Small and fast ferry boat, with head and large storage volumes.
3,300,000 Bath or 86,500 US$.
This is a price for a quality construction with a top of the line motor.
Ideal vessel for charter or day trip business.
This first vessel will operate from the Samed Island to Koh Chang Island.


Trimaran - Click me to open the gallery

Our own, exclusive and original design, we guarantee speed with small motors, excellent comfort and safety for the passengers, Making Waves into a Smooth Concept!
From 12 till 30 mts, from 10 to over 100 passengers, diesel, outboard, jet or electric powered!

Looking for distributors.

  Work Boat  

Work Boat - Click me to open the gallery

A multi purpose work boat, 33', 36', 40' and 45', single or twin engines, all fiberglass construction over 1" thickness, a real heavy duty vessel ideal as modern fishing boat, tug boat or operational vessel.

A real work boat starting at 95,000 US$ with single Cummins 160 hp.

Ketch Center Cockpit 44'

Ketch Center Cockpit 44' - Click me to open the gallery

Our new project is this Ketch Center Cockpit, 44' lenght.

Cedar/epoxy construction... more

T60 Passagemaker

T60 Passagemaker - Click me to open the gallery

Another beautiful design of Albert Nazarov of Albatross Marine Design.

Super strong construction with 3 layers of plywood on a mixed structure of frames and stringers.

The boat is powered with a Yanmar 370 hp; speed is around 12 knts.

Based on 3 cabins with private heads, large and comfortable; a roomy dining room and galley... more

HB 61-65 House Boat  

HB 61-65 House Boat

HB 61-65 ft is a cruiser that originally was designed as 61 ft but can easily be extended to 65 ft.
This is a full displacement hull that can make a nice houseboat or a good and modern cruiser.
Based on 5 cabins with 4 heads and a really large lounge area.
The huge flybridge can be fitted with Jacuzzi as well... more

Ketch 77'8''

Kecth 77'8'' - Click me to open the gallery

Eric Jean project.
Monotype 77'8'' Ketch.
Construction out of cedar core / epoxy – biaxial .
A huge project that we started last 15 August for an oversea customer, owner of the plans.
The yard is in condition to handle projects this size and till 80' both power and sailing.
We cast ourselves the lead ballast and we handle the constructions from A to Z.
Free ball park quotations and opinions, whatever could be your project.
Photos and details of the 23.7 m ketch will keep coming on these pages.


Trailerable Submariner - Click me to open the gallery

RB power & sailing is official supplier and reseller for a unique dutch project: Trailerable Submariner, built to highest standards.
1 & 2 persons.
"U-BOAT Worx" www.u-boatworx.com from Holland encharged us to develop plug-moulds and build the fiberglass shells.
Final assembling is performed in Holland.


Past Boats

Weekender 16'

Weekender 16' - Click me to open the gallery

Available from 16 till 20' LOA.
Plywood - Epoxy or Fiberglass sandwich - Coremat available.
Price starting at 8,000 US$.
Western Red Cedar decoration and mast, Harken fittings.

Aurora 30'7''

Aurora - Click me to open the gallery

It is a power cruiser suitable for very high speeds or just simply cruising along at your own pace around the islands in Thailand. It is equipped for 6 divers, sea anglers and it can pull two water skiers easily. It is a very lavishly designed day charter but should you feel the need it is also an extremely nice weekender and very comfortable for up to 4 persons sleeping on board.
Toilet, galley with cooker and ice box, double cabin, single berth, sun canopy, platform shower, transem platform and boarding ladder, Battery Charger + 3 large batteries, TV, VCD, compact disc player and audio tape player, GPS, depth & fish finder, compass, ship to shore radio, car trailer.

Steering: Hydraulic Power steering.
S/Steel Fuel Tank: 500 liters.
Epoxy Gelcoat Water Tank: 120 liter with pressure pump.
2 Bilge Pumps.

Hull: specially designed Deep V planing hull.
Engine: 2 x 225 HP Sea Pro fuel injection Mercury's (max speed 35 knots +).
The flooring is polished teak, the interior is finished in leather in a very tasteful Italian design.
Chinese Junk

Chinese Junk - Click me to open the gallery

52' solid teak wood boat, steel bulkheads, a real party boat built to order, inlays and decorations all around make of this boat something absolutely unique.

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