Power and Sailing - Boat Building in Thailand


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Boat parking in Pattaya

Boat parking in Pattaya - 2400 meters - During the building

Boat parking in Pattaya

  • Under roof

  • Till 80 boats

  • From jet sky size till over 25mt/80

  • Live cams

  • Automatic battery charger

  • Cleaning/launching/maintenance service

  • 24 hrs/security

  • Insured

  • Convenient location on main road just 2.5 km from Ocean Marina

Skipper and Shipping

  • Boats are standard delivered ex factory or in Pattaya Bay

  • Long distance delivery is possible, please inquire for a ball park quotation

T60 shipping - Click to see more photos in the T60 page.

  • For all our boats, Thailand flag and registration is always available

  • Thai flagged boats are allowed an unlimited stay in local waters and widely welcome in most countries

Raoul Bainchetti